NRV Staff


(From left to right)

Tim Hartin - Area Director -

Nikki Hartin - Direct Ministry -

Lauren DeSmit - Area Administrator -

Shelley Hill - WyldLife Staff Associate -

About Young Life Staff:

Every title in Young Life — from regional director to area director to staff associates — represents a man or a woman whom God has gifted to help reach every kid. The design of the ministry allows each part of Young Life to run smoothly while still training and mentoring the new staff who answer the call each year

Young Life divides into eight distinct arms of the mission that work together to fulfill the high calling of reaching teenagers. These essential gears in the machinery of Young Life are field ministry, which includes all local Young Life areas; the Young Life Foundation; Development Services; Communications; Operations; Camping; Finance; Information Technology and Human Resources.

In all, Young Life employs more than 4,700 staff. Each year, more than 215 new staff associates join the Young Life family to work for a two-year period before discerning whether they are called to continue with the ministry.



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