“What is Young Life? Young Life is an experience of fun, adventure, grace and truth.” – Jim Rayburn, Founder

Young Life has a presence in every high school, middle school and college in the New River Valley.  We also have two specialized ministries: Capernaum, which serves kids with disabilities, and YoungLives which serves pregnant and parent teens.  Each school and ministry has a team of caring adult volunteers, many of whom are college students at Virginia Tech.  The purpose of Young Life NRV is to help introduce students to Jesus in a fun, genuine, and attractive way.  Many students are not only introduced to Jesus through Young Life, but it is also a valuable tool that helps them grow in their faith!

 “Jesus is the strongest, grandest, most attractive personality ever to grace this earth, but a careless messenger with the wrong approach can reduce all this magnificence to a level of boredom.” –Jim Rayburn, Founder



Young Life New River Valley | PO Box 300 Blacksburg, VA 24063-0300

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